Want to share your cutting-edge research findings with your colleagues? Consider submitting an abstract for a short talk or an e-poster. 

Abstracts for Short Talks 

Showcase your original research, innovative project, or novel program in a short talk presentation. All submitted abstracts are considered for a short talk unless the submitter has indicated that they only would like to present a poster. Conference organizers review and select the abstracts. If your abstract is selected, you will receive email notification approximately three weeks before the conference.
Please note that conference organizers reserve the right to decline any submitted abstract that lacks scientific content or merit, or merely announces the availability of a resource or service. It is inappropriate to submit an abstract with an obvious commercial intent. 

Abstracts for e-Posters 

Similar to short talks, your e-poster presentation is another interactive way to engage with your colleagues and present your research. If you submit an abstract, you are automatically eligible to present an e-poster. 

One week prior to the conference, submitters will receive an email with login information for the e-Poster Hall. Submitters will be able to upload their poster and content prior to the go-live date. Content can include pdfs and video clips.

Abstract Tips 

Check out the tips below for submitting your abstract: 
  • The abstract submission deadline is TBD. 
  • Abstracts should be uploaded after registering for the conference. There will be a link in the confirmation letter and confirmation webpage.  
  • Abstracts must be written in English with proper sentence formatting, including upper and lowercase letters, with single space paragraphs as appropriate. 
  • Content is limited to 3,000 characters, including spaces. 
  • Include background, hypothesis, methods, results, and conclusions. If you have grant information, include that in the appropriate field.  
  • Enter the abstract title, author(s), and affiliations in the fields provided, rather than in the main body of the text. 
  • List the primary or presenting author first. The primary or presenting author is expected to present at the conference. Additional co-authors should be included.
  • Inserting Images or Text: For best results, cut and paste your abstract text from a document into the abstract text area provided. You may also type content into the abstract text area. Images and charts may be included. When pasting an image in the abstract, first click inside the text box and then use the "Insert" icon in the toolbar to insert your image. When pasting from Microsoft Word, click inside the text box. Be certain that special characters appear correctly in your abstract upon review.