Conference Summary

This FASEB Science Research Conference (SRC) is focused on exploring the transcriptomic and epigenomic regulation of aging and age-related diseases.

Recent studies reveal that organismal aging is regulated by epigenetic mechanisms and have uncovered “epigenetic clocks” for aging in several species, including humans. Epigenetic mechanisms could be leveraged as possible reprogramming or rejuvenation strategies against aging and age-related diseases. This meeting will explore how to use the knowledge that has been generated in a wide range of model organisms to improve human health.

The conference will bring together scientists interested in chromatin, transcription, RNA, single cell datasets, single resolution microscopy, 3D topology, aging, longevity, 'rejuvenation', and age-related diseases. By convening researchers with a spectrum of perspectives, we hope to make a significant contribution to the field and accelerate the understanding of epigenetic regulation in aging and diseases.

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Anne Brunet, PhD

Professor of Genetics, Stanford University, CA, USA

Giacomo Cavalli, PhD

Director of Research, IGH-Montpellier, France


Keynote Lecture

Shelley Berger, PhD, University of Pennsylvania

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