Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Conference Access 

Q1. When will the conference open?  
A: The conference will open on June 8, 2021. Attendees will be able to enter the session 30 minutes prior to the start of the opening session. 

Q2. How long is the conference available on demand?  
A: After the last session of the conference, the content from this meeting will be available on demand for 30 days. 

Q3. How do I access the conference?  
A: To enter the conference either live or on demand, follow the directions listed in the instruction email you will receive approximately one week prior to the conference. Your login information should not be shared and can only be entered by one person at a time. You may access the conference as many times as you would like. 

Q4. Can I share my access link? 
A: Please do not distribute your virtual conference registration login link. If someone else attempts to use your link, they will receive a message that the link is already in use by a different user. FASEB reserves the right in this situation to terminate the attendee’s access to the virtual conference without possibility of a refund.  To maintain privacy, all participants agree not to release other participants’ research material or data that is proprietary, copyrighted, unpublished, or otherwise not available in the public domain to anyone who did not register for and participate in the conference. 

Q5. I am an invited speaker and I have proprietary information in my talk. How will my research be protected? 
A: All presentations are accessible by registered attendees only, but please be mindful to only use material you feel comfortable sharing in a virtual format. As an invited speaker, you can choose to limit the amount of time your talk is available on-demand to attendees. You will be able to choose to opt out of sharing any or all of your presentation on demand prior to the event.  


Q6. How do I make a change to my registration? 
A: You can log into the Registrant Resource Center (you will find a link in your confirmation email) and make your change.  

Q7. How do I cancel my registration? 
A: Due to the nature of this virtual conference, all sales are final. Refunds for registration fees will not be granted, nor will they be given for no-shows (registrants who do not attend the conference with no prior notice of cancellation). The event site will be available for 30 days post-conference for registrants to access most, if not all, of the talks and posters at their leisure. In the event the conference is cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances, FASEB will refund the cost of registration.  


Q8. What forms of payment are accepted? 
A: FASEB accepts Visa, MasterCard, or American Express. Purchase orders are not accepted. 

Q9. What does the registration fee include? 
A: Your registration includes full access to all live and prerecorded content, poster sessions, networking events, etc., while the platform is accessible. 

Q10. How do I find my receipt for the virtual conference?  
A: Receipt information is included in your registration confirmation email. 


Q11. As an attendee, do I have to submit an abstract with my registration? 
A: No, submitting an abstract is optional unless you want to be considered for a short talk or to present an e-poster. 

Q12. Can I register now and submit my abstract later? 
A: Yes, you may use the link in your confirmation email to log in and submit your abstract later. You may also return to your abstract later to make modifications up to 5:00 PM ET 16 days prior to the opening of the conference. Modifications made after the 16-day deadline may not be uploaded. Your abstract must be submitted before the abstract deadline in order to be considered for a short talk. 

Q13. If I submitted an abstract, can I present a poster? 
A: Yes. You’ll receive additional instructions on how to submit a poster and how to record a brief presentation before the meeting. The email will be sent approximately 3-4 weeks prior to the conference. 

Q14. I can’t hear the audio in the virtual conference, what can I do? 
A: There are a number of things to check. First, check the audio source in your computer settings, so you are sure where the sound should be coming from. Next, check that your speakers are unmuted/turned on. If you are still experiencing problems, refresh your web browser.  
If you are still experiencing technical difficulties, please use the chat function in the virtual platform to communicate with one of our assistants.  

Q15. For other technical issues in the virtual conference, what should I do? 
A: We strongly encourage all attendees to use a wired connection which generally provides a more consistent and improved visual experience, and either external speakers or a headset for better audio. Next, confirm that your internet signal is strong and stable by using a speed test like Internet Speed Test at You can also test your browser at To further improve things, you can close unnecessary applications to cut down on the number of demands being made on the internet connection.  
If you are still experiencing technical difficulties, please use the chat function in the virtual platform to communicate with one of our assistants.