Short Course - June 28, 2011

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Dr. Sharon Smith

Dr. Sharon SmithDr. Sharon Smith is currently the President and CEO of S & W Arts and Technologies, LLC, a consulting company primarily in the area of nanotechnology. She is the former Director of Advanced Technology at Lockheed Martin Corporation and led Lockheed Martin's Steering Groups on MicroElectroMechanical Systems (MEMS) and Nanotechnology during much of 2001-2009

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Dr. Steve Winzer

Dr. Steve WinzerDr. Steve Winzer is a retired Lockheed Martin Fellow. During his 36 years at Lockheed Martin he has led R&D projects in electronic ceramics, MEMM, and Nanotechnology enabled devices and subsystems for sonar, adaptive optics, sensors and high temperature materials. His focus was the development and implementation of these devices into products for aerospace and defense applications and covered the range

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