SC208. TAEE Presents: Energy in Ecosystems
Project Learning Trees Energy in Ecosystems E-Unit is an invitation to increase the quantity and quality of third to fifth graders' contact with nature and trees. Students will focus on forests--one of the largest and most complex types of ecosystems--and come to understand some of the interactions present in all ecosystems, such as food webs and competition for resources. In doing so, they learn to appreciate the natural systems on which we depend and begin to widen their circle of compassion to include all of nature.The "E" in E-unit stands for "electronic," which means they are fully housed online so that you can take your Energy in Ecosystems curriculum anywhere! Attendees will participate in engaging, hands-on activities straight from the E-unit and will receive a code to access the module's six activities upon completion of the short course. Please bring a laptop, tablet, or mobile device.