SC202. Im Loving Landforms!
This workshop focuses on Earth's natural geological features in ways that target the different modalities of learning, such as visual, kinesthetic, auditory, and verbal. Results enhance student learning in relating plate tectonics to the formation of crustal features, interpreting topographic maps and satellite views, and identifying land and erosional features. These lessons target English language learners and extend to include differentiation for the advanced and gifted. The social aspect of cooperative learning is included, as certain activities require group collaboration. Activities include the engagement demonstration of teabag rockets relating tectonic plate movement to convection currents; instruction in knock-out tectonics, a game that pairs new vocabulary, including the major plate boundaries and landforms, with body movements; building your own 3-D topographic map (no glue involved), with a side land profile; and the construction of topographic placemats or anchor charts, p