SC106. TESTA Presents: Impacts of Human Activity on Groundwater and Surface Water
Explore the links between groundwater and surface water and gain a deep understanding of how human activities affect our water resources as you raise your water IQ during this innovative and interactive short course taught by professional Earth scientists. Build a model watershed, identify major features, then predict and observe what happens when you "make it rain." Engage in a hands-on investigation of point and nonpoint source pollution by creating your own aquifer, then watching as a contaminant infiltrates your drinking water. The free teacher's guide includes numerous fun, inquiry-based activities that educate students in Texas about our most precious natural resource: water. Teachers will leave the course confident in their knowledge of water science and equipped with numerous activities and resources that will improve classroom instruction while engaging both hands and minds. Information presented is applicable to all grade levels, although curriculum is aligned to TEKS for gra