2013 National Smart Start Conference
April 29 - May 2, 2013 | Joseph S. Koury Center, Greensboro, NC
The preconference provided an opportunity to explore a topic in-depth with the nation's leading experts in their fields. Handouts are posted below.


A Powerful Tool for Facilitating Change: An Introduction to Motivational Interviewing
Explore how you can use motivational interviewing (MI) as a powerful method to facilitate and engage intrinsic motivation in order to change behavior. Enhance your understanding of MI and why it is an evidence-based practice. Refresh your skills in asking open-ended questions, affirming strengths, and sharing effective feedback.
Paul Nagy, Duke University School of Medicine, Duke Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences

Advocacy Impact through Influence Mapping
Who do you need to influence, what do they care about and what's the message that will persuade them? Spend the day with Rich Neimand, from Neimand Collaborative, learning how you can effectively advocate for early childhood education by creating what Rich calls "The Advocacy Box." Over the course of this hands-on session, participants will learn how to develop an asset map and influence strategy, present it to the group and get real-time feedback.
Rich Neimand, The Neimand Collaborative
Advocacy Impact through Influence Mapping Presentation
Advocacy Box Plan Template
Asset Mapping 1
Asset Mapping 2

Getting What We Really Want: Results Based Accountability
Results Based Accountability involves a simple thinking process that can help direct the work of creating a strategy for improving the well being of young children in a geographic area. "What do we want for young children in plain language?" "How would we recognize it in measurable terms?" "What will it take to get there?" Discover how to connect the two parts of results based accountability: population accountability (well-being of young children) and performance accountability (program or system performance). Work background from defining success to creating measures to assess and celebrate progress and make improvements and course correction. This highly interactive session will give you new tools to achieve the results you truly desire.
Victoria Goddard-Truitt, University of Maryland, School of Public Policy

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