The meeting’s main themes are: 1) The basics and methodological aspects of the epigenome; 2) The epigenome in human health; 3) The epigenome in diseases.

Conference sessions will present the latest research and foster discussion on:
  • RNA methylation
  • Genetic impacts on DNA methylation
  • Chromatin regulation and intermediary metabolism
  • RNA mechanisms of epigenetic inheritance
  • Methylome DNA analysis methods
  • DNA methylome in the birthweight prediction of outcomes across life course
  • Disease-relevant epivariations in human genomes
  • Epigenomics and exposure to early-life environment
  • Data repository-based approaches in comparative and functional epigenomics 
  • Epigenome and obesity-related diseases
  • Epigenome in cancer
  • Epigenetics in immune diseases and disorders
  • Epigenome and inherited diseases 
The conference includes three sessions, three round table discussions, three poster sessions, and career development opportunities.


View the preliminary agenda.