Tuesday, 8 October 2019 | Sheraton Grand Park Lane, London

As the leading global industry association for private capital in emerging markets, EMPEA is pleased to present the fourth annual Sustainable Investing in Emerging Markets Summit. Last year, the Summit explored the enormous commercial opportunity presented by the UN Sustainable Development Goals—a chance to build leading businesses and assets in emerging and transitioning economies that create impact by directly tackling contemporary development challenges such as climate change, financial inclusion, and access to health care. This year, we continue this thread, delving deeper into practical challenges and opportunities for impact at the sector and portfolio company level. Delegates will learn from their peers and other leading industry stakeholders which sectors, regions, and business models have the greatest potential to generate both the highest impact and stellar market-validated returns. In contrast, we will review which areas still require the market-building efforts of philanthropic or other sub-commercial investors, as well as lessons learned from blended finance and similar models that have worked to crowd capital into new markets. This year, we will also explore the practical ways private capital firms can create value and lasting impact in their portfolio companies from due diligence through exit, building sustainable businesses that continue to generate impact internally and in surrounding communities beyond the investment period. The Summit will examine the granular challenges and possibilities associated with individual sectors, including food and agriculture, health care, education, and housing.

In addition, this year’s Summit will take a closer look inward at the emerging market private capital industry, discussing ways that professionals can make their own businesses more responsible and sustainable. The Summit will examine the ways asset managers and asset owners can embed ESG and impact into their firm culture, team setup, and investment structure. It will delve into the issue of gender parity in the industry, including the current state of affairs, obstacles to gender balance and inclusion, and practical ways to overcome these challenges. The Summit will also tackle the topic of ESG reporting, a major concern for GPs and LPs alike, providing a formal forum for discourse amongst industry stakeholders on reporting best practices and challenges, as well as the prospects for future streamlining and standardization of the process. Join more than 300 leading global institutional investors, fund managers, corporates, development specialists, and industry advisors at this premier annual event in order to network, share, and learn more about the latest trends in sustainable and responsible investment approaches across emerging and frontier economies.

The EMPEA Institute will also once again present the popular Sustainability and Operational Excellence Challenge. The top-three fund manager finalists from the Challenge will present case studies of portfolio company investments that demonstrate outstanding sustainable impact from an operational, environmental, social and governance perspective. Summit delegates will vote on the winner of the Challenge, who will be announced live at the Summit. Click here to learn more about the Challenge and how to get involved. 

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