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Tuesday, 23 October 2018 | Sheraton Grand Park Lane, London
From Mapping to Action: Exploring the SDGs as a Framework for Maximizing Value Creation and Impact 

The United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were established in 2015 as a global framework for addressing the world’s most urgent social and environmental challenges. Private capital, particularly in emerging markets, has a critical role to play in ensuring successful delivery of the SDGs, and financial and strategic investors around the world increasingly recognize the potential to generate attractive financial returns by driving social and economic change at scale and speed. The investment opportunity associated with the SDGs is vast. The United Nations estimates that achieving the SDGs in emerging markets will require investment of US$3.9 trillion per year, and assumptions based on current commitment levels and private sector participation leave an estimated financing gap of US$2.5 trillion annually. However, no less important than the scale of the opportunity are the commitment and expertise needed to produce meaningful outcomes. Fund managers, institutional investors and corporates alike are employing more rigorous approaches to measuring, evaluating and defining their impact, with the understanding that we must be able to measure and link impact to significant commercial results. As the global private investment community continues to grow and evolve, this investor summit will aim to define the financial and social implications of sustainable investing in emerging markets, with a focus on how to best pursue the SDGs and create value. We invite you to join this dialogue.
Our industry-leading speakers and panellists will draw on personal experience and business case studies, identifying ongoing challenges and outlining solutions. The agenda also offers the opportunity for attendees to join roundtable discussions focussing on key SDGs toward which private capital can play an outsized role in generating impact, such as renewable energy, food production, education and gender. The Summit will draw on the knowledge and expertise of actors across the private capital spectrum, including large-scale capital allocators, family offices, foundations, endowments, development finance institutions, sovereign wealth funds and fund managers, as well as government representatives, business leaders and preeminent advisors on environmental, social and governance (ESG) and sustainability issues.

The EMPEA Institute will also once again present the popular Sustainability and Operational Excellence Challenge. The top-three fund manager finalists from the Challenge will present case studies of portfolio company investments that demonstrate outstanding sustainable impact from an operational, environmental, social and governance perspective. Summit delegates will vote on the winner of the Challenge, who will be announced live at the Summit. Click here to learn more about the Challenge and how to get involved.