Briefing Submission

You can include your request to make a presentation as part of the registration process. The TCG will review submissions and make selections based on applicability to member countries and whether the topic represents new or improved technologies/services. It is important to accurately synopsize your topic since this will be the prime determinant of acceptability.
The cutoff date for topic submissions is Aug 11th. Notification of acceptance/rejection of topics will be provided to each submitter by Aug 31st. Final briefings will be required to be submitted by Sept 15th.
Approved briefs will be given only 15 minutes to complete entire presentation. Times will be assigned for presentation no later than 2 weeks prior to ITPR start.
Once the decision is made regarding which briefings will be presented, all who submitted topics will be notified. Briefings will be accepted on a first come first serve basis. If the number of briefing requests exceeds the number of time slots, those with direct C-130 applications will receive first priority. It should be understood, upon receipt of these briefings, they will become the sole property of the United States Air Force.