2017 F-15 Technical Coordination Program World Wide Review
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Get the most out of your company's participation by becoming an Event Sponsor, or by sponsoring specific services or giveaways. Sponsor logos will be prominently displayed at the registration desk, on agendas, and during the social. Sponsors will also be recognized during the General Session.
Purchase a Sponsorship Opportunity Now
Sponsorship opportunities available include:
--Company Name & Insignia Prominently displayed on Entrance to Exhibit Hall
--Platinum $5,000 (includes 4 admissions, company provided literature included in registration package if desired)
--Gold $4,000 (includes 3 admissions, and company provided literature in registration package if desired)
--Silver $3,000 (includes 2 admissions)
--Bronze $2,000 (includes 1 admission)

Possible Sponsorships:
*Drinks for Vendor Fair/Evening Social
*Customer Bags
*Tote Bags
*Beverage Cups
*Pad Folios
*Breakfast, Lunch or Breaks
*Miscellaneous registration items: These items will be given to all attendees at registration (e.g., cups, hats, beverage coozies, etc.). Quantity: 300

Note:  All items must prominently display the words F-15 World Wide Review (WWR is acceptable); in addition individual company logos are also permitted to be displayed on the items. The cut-off date for sponsorships, excluding the Social drink tickets, is 22 September 2017.  Prior to purchase, a prototype/graphic of the item must be sent for review and approval to the sponsorship POC's:
Mrs. Tyhesha Little Mrs. Sheree Quattlebaum
235 Byron Street, Ste 19A  Byron Street, Ste 19A
Robins AFB, GA 31098  Robins AFB, GA 31098
[email protected] [email protected]

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