Thank you to each and every one of the individuals listed below. They are actively planning what is predicted to be the most amazing Experience conference yet!

Conference Advisory Committee
Chair: James Filtz, CHE, CMP, CPCE
Amber Allen, CPCE
Jackie Campbell, CPCE
Tiffany Carrion 
Elise Colson
Margery Reinheardt, CPCE
Sydney Stoper 

Education Committee - Conference Planning Team 
Leader: Meghan Ely 
Kate Montgomery, CPCE 
Adria Thomas 
Karen Bippert, CPCE
Jennifer Buenviaje 
Allie Fleming 
Patricia Simitakos 

Conference Co-Liaisons SUNDAY
Industry Summit
Produced by the Houston Student Chapter Professional Advisors Breaks Committee Opening Reception MONDAY
Design Experience Breaks Committee Culinary Experience  
Foundation Dine-A-Round Committee Foundation Event TUESDAY
Gala & After Party WEDNESDAY
Community Service Event  
Other Committees
Food & Beverage Advisor  
Hospitality Committee Marketing Committee Sponsorship Committee