All-Star Awards

The Best Of The Best In Open-Book Management

The inspiration for the All-Star Awards came from the pioneers of open-book management themselves. Open-book management wasn’t theorized in a business school or dreamed up at some consulting think tank. It was created by everyday business people much like you. Through a handful of breakthrough companies and years of innovative practitioners a whole new way of thinking about business was born. They discovered first-hand that when you harness the collective wisdom of your people, great things can and do happen. These pioneers of open-book management didn’t always share the same language or use the same techniques, but they did operate according to some remarkably similar principles;
  • Every employee is given the measures of business success and taught to understand them.
  • Every employee is expected and enabled to act on their knowledge to improve results.
  • Every employee has a direct stake in the company’s success – and in the risk of failure.
  • It starts with a sincere belief in people and fostering trust and mutual respect.
It’s not just about generating profits, cash and wealth but also about distributing it for the good of everyone involved – giving those who embrace open-book management a spirit of generosity and a willingness to openly spread the word to help each other succeed. And that is the essence of the annual All-Star Awards!

2015 All-Star Award Winners 

Rookie of the Year: Wall-tech, Inc.
All-Star Award: AEP Pirkey Power Plant, Fresno First Bank, Goodall Homes

Inaugural Pioneer Award: Greene County Government (Missouri)
2015 Hall of Fame Inductee: SRC Electrical
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