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Get the ICC Conference App today at www.iccsafe.org/2014icc and you can easily keep track of all that is going on at this year's conference and interact with other attendees!

The first time you open this convenient, new App using web address above, be sure to follow the instructions on how to download it to your phone, tablet or laptop so that you have an easy access App icon on your device. Take a moment to log into the App (upper right corner) and enter your personal information - as much as you would like to share or as little (email addresses will not be visible to other attendees.) Once logged in you can create custom schedules, download educational content and even chat with other attendees!

Enjoy this year's ICC Annual Conference App! If you have questions or need assistance, please just visit the registration desk and someone will assist you.

Take a moment to download the App today to familiarize yourself with its features. For a quick overview watch this short video, and you can also refer to this pdf on how to download the App to your specific device. (Note: in both the video and pdf where they use the word agenda, we use the word schedule.)

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